A Closer Look at Aerin Lauder’s Instagram Picuki

Aerin Lauder is one of the most successful businesswomen in the world, thanks to her eponymous cosmetics brand. In addition to running that company, which has been going strong since 1984, Aerin Lauder also happens to be a very active social media user, with over 9 million followers on Instagram alone. Aerin Lauder’s Instagram Picuki account has tons of gorgeous pictures from her travels around the world, as well as intimate moments with her husband and children – but Aerin also uses it to sell products, promote events, and chat about business things as well.

Introducing Aerin Lauder

Who is Aerin Lauder? This is probably one of the first questions on many lips, given that she was a relative unknown to many until recently. But even if you didn’t know who she was before, you’re sure to have heard about her now. That’s because her Instagram presence has blown up like nobody’s business. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months and don’t know what we mean, just take a look at some of these photos from her Instagram pick account.

You can see why people are so excited about her! So, who exactly is Aerin Lauder? We’ll answer that question here. Let’s get started. Aerin’s early life: Born in 1981, Aerin grew up in Manhattan as part of a well-to-do family. The granddaughter of Estee Lauder (the woman behind beauty giant Estee Lauder Companies), she was raised by parents Evelyn and Ronald Lauder in an Upper East Side apartment—and spent much of her childhood enjoying life as a wealthy New York socialite.

Getting Familiar with Aerin Lauder’s Instagram Pickup

Aerin Lauder's Instagram Picuki

As one of fashion’s most fascinating figures, it comes as no surprise that Aerin Lauder is a social media natural. She has an Instagram with just over 16,000 followers and given her frequency in posting, she’s an active user. This is good news for fans because it means quite a few gems are waiting to be discovered in her feed. Here’s what you can learn from her Instagram picuki.

Find Out What You Want to Post About Beforehand: Most posts on Aerin’s account revolve around style and beauty products, which reflects well on her brand as someone who knows what women want when it comes to their looks. Given how specific many of these products are (like wrinkle creams), we think it makes sense for her brand to focus on them exclusively since she has so much experience with such things herself.

Digging Deeper into her content

What better way to learn about an influential fashion personality than by analyzing their online content? We chose Aerin Lauder, creative director and founder of multi-billion dollar beauty empire Estée Lauder, as a subject for our focus. The much younger sister to makeup titan and co-founder of Clinique, Leonard Lauder, Aerin’s early life was completely dominated by beauty. For all Instagram knows she may have been born with lipstick in her hand and a smile on her face.

She joined Estee Lauder in 1993 and quickly became Vice President of Global Marketing. She then went on to become Creative Director in 2001 and took over as CEO when her brother stepped down from his position after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She is now Executive Chairman of Estee Lauder Companies Inc., which is comprised of over 60 brands including MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Tom Ford Beauty, Smashbox Cosmetics, La Mer skincare products, M•A•C cosmetics & more!

Getting acquainted with other social media platforms

Aerin Lauder's Instagram Picuki

You might know her as a glamorous, New York-born celebrity or fashion icon, but there’s so much more to Aerin Lauder than meets Instagram pick. Let’s take a closer look. … We invite you to read on and learn what can be done if you explore other social media platforms outside your normal habits. … From Instagram picuki to Facebook marketing, we hope you find value in exploring these additional avenues for promoting your business. … In addition to her Instagram account, she also maintains an active presence on Twitter and LinkedIn (not to mention a Facebook page). If you want some help getting started with any of these social media sites, contact us today!

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